Saturday, August 16, 2008


this may not last long. i've felt quiet and private lately.

i've been writing books. i've been reading books, too.

i've missed some internection, though.

so. hello there. here i am. how is you?


poet CAConrad said...

It is October 1st. This is your first and so far last post.

SOMEONE down your way should tell us a daily or at least weekly update about Durham, like,

smells of the outside
tastes from the popcicle stand

how does
where does poetry enter you there?

LOVE TO YOU, can't wait for your book to come out!
PhillySound: new poetry

kathryn l. pringle said...

thanks conrad...

i had to FINISH writing my book... but i did. now... maybe i'll tell you... how it smells...