Monday, November 24, 2008

i haven't been writing.


my weekend started off so well and ended on a sour note that lasted until this afternoon when i realized, with the help of a good pal, that i need a new projekt.

yes. the book will be out soon {YAY} and i'm training for two half-marathons and a full marathon... and i'm going to SF...

things are good.

life is good.


i need a projeckt.

and i have one.

but i can't tell you what it is... because it will ruin everything.

i think i'm about to change my entire life.

i think something that has been very fundamental about me for the last 18 years is about to ... take a hike.

i'll let you know if it does.

i have a feeling... it won't be a popular choice.


all these letters accumulated to say nothing.

happy thanksgiving.

i'm cooking this year.

just me and guillermo.

which, i think is perfect. we can run, eat, watch movies [football? please?]

and do whatever we want.

o, and jack and bear, too.


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