Sunday, November 30, 2008

if anybody wants to buy me something for Christmas...

i want running socks.

runners get blisters in strange places.

they don't really hurt... but, i mean... if i can avoid them, why not?

seamless marathon running socks.

i'm sure that should be hyphenated but it is my damn blog and i hate the hyphen today.


running 7 miles friday got rid of that horrible headache.

it has been pouring rain since 11 last night. a cold one, too. my favorite is when bear dog stares up at me pathetically while we're both getting drenched ... because, if he'd just DO HIS BUSINESS... we'd get to go in. but no. he has to plead with me. with those sad, brown eyes.

jack, of course, sleeps in until 11.


i've been contemplating my obsession with time lately. i feel (and have felt) that my time on Earth is more limited than anyone else's. hehe.

but, really. because my mother died so young... i feel this pressure to have certain things "checked off" by certain ages.

this offends my friends.

it is truly ME. though. to say "i am 36 years old and i don't have a ....."

you know.


i think i'm 38 all the time.

what is that?


i want to leave the country for a while.


Thelonius said...

What do you think you should have checked off by thirty six? I'm thirty six but I keep thinking of myself as 'almost forty'.

kathryn l. pringle said...

career. partner. child, maybe. certain phobias overcome. home ownership.


got none of that.

o, maybe a few phobias have been dealt with. :)

Thelonius said...

Dogs do a good job of filling the gap left by all those things, I find, even if they don't fit the hole as snugly as I'd like.