Tuesday, December 2, 2008

eh, i'm tired *all the time* lately.

maybe it is the turkey.

my training schedule is still on....

3 miles last Thursday, 7 miles Friday, abs on Saturday, and Bike 7 miles/ 45 minutes of weights Sunday...

this week is my taper week before the next increase in mileage.

i only run three 4 milers. go to the gym two days [same old bike and weights] and rest one day [today!]

and then next week it is

M 2 mi
T pilates
W 7 mile tempo run
Th 2 mi
F off [alli and brandon will be here!]
S 8 miles
Sun gym

vitamins help.

for the first time in my life i don't HAVE to worry about my calorie inhalation.
it is so strange!

i am "supposed" to be eating over 2000 calories a day... but i can't imagine eating that much. i just eat until i'm not hungry.

and often.

e has had to cancel our half-marathon date in SF Feb... so i'm deciding between a half-marathon at Ocean Island Beach in Jan... or one at Myrtle Beach in Feb.... there's also one at Hilton Head... but... all these places would require a hotel stay. so.

the coolest scenery and the best running packet wins?

i'm getting snotty about the races i enter... unless i get a cool tech t... i am not as interested.

although. the charity does count. so.

we'll see.

have i mentioned how much i love running?


times are... a little tough.

i haven't really wanted to write the last few weeks. my book will be out soon and i'm scared. heh.


i think i want to write a novel.

i keep starting one... and then about 30 pages in... i stop. maybe these 30 page starts are all the same story?

i have someone very close to me that i want to write to and about. she is an amazing person... one of the only people i know that actually LIVES in the present.

that's so hard.

have you tried?

i have moments... but i always get sucked into the past or the future.

i have yet to sustain it.

anyway. i think that i will write for her.

about her.

sort of

she deserves the attention.


i'm ready for bed and it is just turning 7:30.

i have to make turkey soup and freeze it....



o, and i'm so fucking sick of hearing about Plaxico... please... just... STOP already.

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