Thursday, December 11, 2008

i woke up at 4:30 again this morning. but this time i stayed in bed. listening to the rain. and bear dog's collar calls.

all bear dog thinks about is breakfast. all jack thinks about is stealing my pillows. i love my dogs.

yesterday i did run. but only 3 miles. my knee is injured again. maybe. maybe over-training [a lot of weights and xtraining and running], maybe the cold weather [it was warm yesterday, but, my knee started aching again a few days ago]... maybe my lack of glucosomine pills [ran out two weeks ago... haven't replaced them yet].

i will lay off and just do core work until Saturday's 7-mile run. hopefully some rest and ice and aleve will remedy the knee.

i really don't want to go back into physical therapy.


poetry news...

i proofed and approved RIGHT NEW BIOLOGY last night! that is exciting!

then this:
Saturday, December 13, 2008, 8pm
The Minor American Reading Series Presents:
Brandon Brown, Alli Warren, and Chall Gray

hosted by Ken Rumble, curated by kathryn l. pringle & Magdalena Zurawski

this should be EXTREMELY fun. i'm looking forward to it very much.

dinner and drinks tomorrow night WITH THE LOVELY BRANDON AND ALLI!!!!!!!
[and chris, and tony, and guillermo, and maggie]


o, and jessica smith sent me an email with a description of a THAW DAY... and it is so beautiful... and i can so relate to it [i live it the last two months] ... that i'm hoping she won't mind my cutting and pasting it here for you:

This is what a thaw day is. Every 3-6 days it snows. Sometimes it
snows a lot. Sometimes only a little. Then, for a couple of days it's
cold (30s). Then one day it gets warmer and all the snow, or much of
the snow, or some of the snow melts. Then it gets cold again and
snows. Thaw days usually present bright blue skies and it's very
beautiful. But everything beneath the feet is slush. Sometimes the
days between snow and thaw are also beautiful, but they're cold.

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