Friday, December 19, 2008

running and racquetball.

i think, aside from getting completely wasted with the gang last weekend, this was the most fun i've had for a long time. 

chris taught me how to play, and, showed me some of his smooth racquetball moves.

which, are dirty. just. dirty.

so fucking fun. 

and, a ton of running. 

since i see like a lizard [one eye for distance, one eye for close], it was a little tough for me to find the ball at times... with my racquet. seems i had no problem finding it with various parts of my body... at times.

i think my depth perception issue can be overcome. i mean. i live it all the time. but, i will have to get used to the space and the sounds and the length of the racquet... etc.

i have to say, in addition, that .... i would rather give racquetball its own night. running and then racquetball seriously kicked my ass. it felt good. real good. but, i'm sore. today. like i ran 9 miles sore. not like i ran 13 miles sore. but, 9.



i figured out yesterday that my new knee issue is a direct result of my tight hamstring issue. i noticed that my left leg wasn't kicking out as far as my right... putting pressure on my knee... and causing my left foot to fall a little flat. 
[my knee felt like it was cramping up. can the knee cramp? i didn't think so. but. my left knee does, indeed, CRAMP]

when i forced myself to keep proper form, despite the bit of pain, my knee pain was alleviated.

so now. i know.

for whatever reason... i have to spend more time loosening my hamstrings before i work out. 

[jamie, my running partner, said 

a lot of football players with tight hamstrings ride the stationary bike for a while before they play so as to warm up their hamstrings]

[and, if you know me, you know that i LOVE football... and having to workout like a football player is .... yes. just. yes. okay. no problem.]

if i don't work diligently on this hamstring issue... i'm going to run myself out of running. which. is a horrible thing. nobody wants to see that.




i'm still thinking.

but, i'll let you know what i'm thinking, soon. promise.


i'm taking my dogs to have their picture taken with Santa Claus tomorrow!

o, yes.

i'm very excited. 

i'm sure they are, too.


i have to stretch and go to work now.

looks like a 9-5 day for me.

how odd. [i'm usually 7-3 or 8-4].


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