Monday, December 29, 2008

went on a short run tonight, due to yesterdays 5-mile escapade all over both of Duke's campuses and even Gardens. i have been chatting up all my MFA Fiction pals for advice. i didn't write but 133 words yesterday. this is fine. i'm interested in enjoying this. and staying present. remember?

i began reading the Book of Baruch by Justin.

last night.

but, yesterday belonged to the NFL and physical activity.

my dogs drag me to chris vitiello's house every walk because they are in love with his daughters. they like him pretty well, too, but... the girls are just... where it *is* for my dogs.

tonight is for homemade mexican food and thinking about the novel.

i don't know about writing tonight.

and Applecare does cover my computer, so. Macs still rule.

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