Sunday, December 14, 2008

when i said yesterday that last night i'd be drinking whiskey... i didn't really believe myself... i thought, o, i'll have a sip or two, because... i don't really drink that much and i hardly ever drink, actually, because of my training, but now i remember:

kate pringle DOES drink whiskey with brandon brown. 

and, kate pringle usually drinks far too much whiskey with brandon brown [like the time we marched through a SF street acting like chickens....]

and so. i was up until 4 this morning drinking whiskey. with brandon brown. alli warren. guillermo parra. and chris vitiello. stumble-walked home from chris vitiello's. and then i apparently complained in a couple of 5 am text messages to chris about how drinking that much whiskey was a really bad idea.

needless to say, my 7-mile run at noon today is now a 3-mile run at 4.. maybe 5... [or it is, perhaps, pilates class at like... 8pm]

by this i mean, i am going to watch football and lay on my couch drinking fluids all day.

i'm eating a biscuit with gravy from whole foods. THAT's how last night went.

chall, alli, and brandon each gave tremendously good readings. lots of people were there to witness this. i am going to write my introductions and read them from now on. poor lucipo has to suffer through our horrible disorganized and incoherent banter before each reader. they deserve better. 

what else...

alli has a new nickname.

i'll let her tell you.

it is PERFECT.

yeah. we all really loved having them around. it felt like home. i tried very hard to convince them to move here. i bet they are thinking about it.... i think alli was about to crack...

o, and i think i should move to brazil.


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