Wednesday, December 31, 2008

writing requires a lot of sitting still and staring. 

especially this novel-writing business. 

also, pacing. cleaning the house.

it reminds me of grad school... having papers due... my house was always spotless around finals. 

i am spending a lot of time cultivating my stillness and enjoying my time while i am in it. e said, "when did you become such a jock?"

i think the answer is: when i found it helped me live inside myself fully, presently, and joyously.

it is very difficult to be unhappy when you are active. i'm not saying it is impossible. once i remained severely cranky even though. but. hell. let's face it dear ones... 2008 has been one long life lesson. [not that every year of life isn't, but, this one has been... especially rough... and has required a  lot of presence of mind and a lot of trial-and-error.]

anyway, i just wanted to say Happy New Year. and talk about sitting and staring as writing.


Chris Vitiello said...

i'll say this.

you'll never beat me at racquetball. NEVER!

kathryn l. pringle said...

this is probably true.


i will sure as hell TRY my friend.