Friday, January 2, 2009

10,522 words.
48 pages.

i may do my read//sleep//write//sleep//write//sleep//read//write//sleep thing now.

o, fitness.... yesterday ran 5 miles
today biked 5 miles [fat burn] and core and arms
tomorrow run 6 miles.

the only person you will ever need is yourself.
that's what my dearest one tells me.


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tom said...

no, i didn't run yesterday. while working at starbucks, i had a very "my knees is about to fall apart" feeling. so, i'm revising my goal from one mile every day to 2-3 miles every other day, and that will increase, hopefully, until can run a race.

i disagree with "the only person you need is yourself." we are all independent and dependent. for example, i'm soley responsible for whether i get to work on time, but i depended on someone else to build my car, refine gasoline, and design an alarm clock that can wake me up with NPR. :) it's a balance.

off to Common Grounds to write, then home to go running, if la rodilla (knee) doesn't mind.