Wednesday, January 14, 2009

have to say, i miss you.

my Mac is still in the shop, awaiting a part.

my friend, EW, went to SPD yesterday to buy my book! and she did! she has it. she read it.

you know what else?

i don't even have my copies yet! nope.

maybe they are sitting on my porch, waiting for me, while i'm here, working with VOCABULARY and ALGEBRA.

some work folks found my blog.

i'm glad i love my job.

although, i am feeling the strain of reduced staff. i don't think i've felt recession before, not like this.... not this way. it is painful.

i buy my ticket for SF tomorrow.
been making plans....

i'm excited to see everyone and SO EXCITED to read with Jules Boykoff.... o man!

okay. i have to do work things now.


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