Thursday, January 1, 2009

i am getting to that point where i need to go get things ready for later. the dogs out. the coffee timer set. [the only way to wake up as early as i do, in this weather.] dishes washed. clothes set. and then.

books to read. until i fall asleep. 

today feels like Sunday.

5-mile run. felt damn good, but, need to eat a little more protein with breakfast. had some blood-sugar issues. but, not so bad. really.

slept. a lot. today. 


38 pages.
8231 words.

this may change. i find that i sometimes have to get out of bed and write a bit of it. sometimes this happens several times at night. it is a bit like writing in my sleep. i feel lucky that i don't ever have that "o god, i have to go to work" feeling. i don't feel this pressure. it makes writing and sleeping easier. leaves the writing and sleeping to itself. the only time i feel a little funky about sleep is when it comes to long runs. but, usually, if i've had at least 5 hours of sleep, i will be okay. 

and no whiskey.

i have NOT been drinking.


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