Saturday, January 3, 2009

i went to go run my 6 miles and my blood sugar crashed at the one mile marker so bad i had to stop and turn back and go to whole foods with Rumble [we were running together] and PIG OUT and then come home and walk dogs and then read Infinite Jest and fall asleep for an hour or so, o but on the walk with the dogs i saw Vitiello and Iris and Sadie was sleeping and Jack [maltese] was trying to kill every woman who passed us along the way, except Iris, he loves Iris, but maybe because Iris is still a girl and not a woman, i dunno, and now i'm watching THE GAME [go COLTS], but i'm almost, like, almost, wanting to read Infinite Jest instead, but it is the COLTS, so we will see how it goes [GO COLTS].

so now i have to try and run 6 miles tomorrow, but, it is calling for a rainy day all day tomorrow, and yeah, it makes me cranky when something gets in the way of my runs, but maybe i am now the kind of person who should eat an hour and a half before a run instead of two hours and a half before a run, now.

i am still at the exact same word count as i posted last.
for obvious reasons if you've read this post.

i am writing a novel.  now that i've gotten past page 50. i feel i can say that.

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