Saturday, January 17, 2009

o, boy... my computer is HOME, finally, a brand new LCD screen. no pixels. very bright!

it has been hectic... the book and bookings....

the cities on my "tour," so far--

1/24 durham, nc [w/
2/5 san francisco, ca [w/ Jules Boykoff [[TWO READINGS!]] ]
3/7 asheville, nc [David Foster Wallace Party w/ Chall Grey, Brian Howe, and others]
4/15 [?] tulsa, ok [solo]

[a reading in NY in april is in the planning stages, too, w/ my fellow Heretics]

5/1 providence, ri [w/ Dianne Timblin]

5/16 raleigh, nc [w/ Chris Vitielo & Justin Marks]

there's more, beyond that, but... for now... i'm pretty set. i think.

i'd like to visit LA, too. Fayetteville, Arkansas.... too. BUFFALO.... baltimore.... philly... DC


chris v. mentioned "post-darwin" in the car the other day... and i really think... really think... that's great.


still reading Infinite Jest, still love it. am still working on the novel, w/ this computer home that will be a hell of a lot easier.

and hey

we get a new president soon. wow. i thought it would never happen.

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