Tuesday, January 27, 2009

okay, so...

symptoms of over-training?

sleeplessness despite fatigue.

i'm definitely taking today off...

disaster dream of all disasters last night.

the earth's land masses were not only diminished to half their current size, but set loose from the core... so they floated freely and recklessly... like massive icebergs. all survivors became pirate-like, sea nomads. the weather was complete chaos... and completely in control of the world... and the sea was full of creatures that found humans to be rather tasty.

some funny moments, though:

finding floating masses of land with malls... those were like mardi gras.

and my band and i rigging together a raft made of feather boas.

i'm a terrible swimmer. maybe i'll start training for triathlons this summer.

over-training? i think so!

also, my calves are slightly ticked off and i have developed a blister on my foot that is not one of my usual blisters.

cv said last week after shen wei

dancer's feet are horribly disgusting [that is not verbatim, but how it translated... ]

running has definitely made my feet raw... i would say they aren't disgusting, but, i can see how professionals /// elite runners... maybe have horribly disgusting feet.

i need new running shoes and more marathon socks. yes, there is such a thing. socks are super important. and they must be seamless.


tonight my dogs come over! 


my plan is to go to work, shortly. work. come home. eat. and WRITE MY NOVEL.

what are you doing?

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