Saturday, January 31, 2009

went out this morning and did a 6 miler in the woods w/ JGL... and my new shoes.... SO MUCH EASIER!

the arch, yes, but something about this pair of Nikes compared to my Asics... the shock absorption is about one million times better with Nike. i have to say. i'm sold on the Nike Moto Max.

had none of the usual soreness and leg fatigue. they were a little stiff, but, i loosened the strings and they were perfect.

very good run.

still hate hills, though.

i need to join a gym just to work on my quad strength...


i leave wednesday morning for SF.

i'm excited. i have a very tightly-packed schedule of visits.


the novel writing is going pretty well.

life is good.

right now. have to say.

what a difference a pair of shoes can make. [that's probably one of the most GIRL things i've ever said.]


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