Tuesday, February 10, 2009

San Francisco

o, this will be brief... i'm still recovering from the trip...

[the whole NFL play-off season seemed to be about how traveling from West to East was harder on the body than traveling from East to West. now. i know. it is true. i feel TORE UP.]


highlights [in no particular order]

* being picked up by Erin and taken immediately to the Mission for coffee and then the Beach for HUGE ASS WAVES and then the PC where i found Elise and Steve right where i left them two years ago...

* RAYZL reciting chinese poetry while taking a bath with her brother // LAISCH telling me all about echolocation [they are under three years old]

* Indian food with Stacy, Chet, E & the brilliant babies

* sleeping on E's futon, chatting with E into the wee hours

* running 8 [okay, fine, 75 minutes] with Jocelyn & Pony through Golden Gate park in a light drizzle

* reading with Jules Boykoff, one of my heroes, TWICE in one day

* drinking beer without remorse

* sleeping


* meeting Jennifer Manzano and CS Perez... FINALLY

* seeing brandon mead, shira o'keefe, and jason snyder at my reading

* seeing steve hemenway

* chatting with alli warren about durham & SF

* seeing MN with his hair down!!!! o, yeah, and promising to resume the collab

* Kaia Sands reading at SPT

* talking to Stacy on the phone about Ganesh

* eating BURMESE FOOD, shopping at thrift stores, writing in Cafes, running into Ben Hollander


* running uphill on California from Battery to Powell [4 minutes, 30 seconds, very steep, had to rest a couple times]



* discussing echo and memory as time with Patrice


* massage...

* sea lions // photographs

* perfume

not-so-great SF stuff:

* urine and shit smells

* Indian food did NOT go over so well on the body....

* bruising my right calf while trekking through GG Park because i took my long sleeves off and tied around my waist with my cell in the pocket bouncing off my calf the entire time making UGLY

* drama drama drama // gossip gossip gossip [okay, i sorta liked it, too]

* too busy... too rushed... too much

* Somebody's mama was a little rowdy with her foot and my leg... ahem...

* not enough time

* losing my arm wrestling match [NEXT TIME...]

i'm too tired. went running after work today... lifted weights... too... now i want to climb into bed with from Unincorporated Territory [HACHA] by craig santos perez ... //a GORGEOUS book, by the way... inside the words and out//

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