Sunday, March 1, 2009

"Font-voices summon a reader into visible earshot."

Susan Howe, Souls of the Labadie Tract

i wish i had read this book BEFORE my discussions with Susan Howe these past few days. i'm still in the process of reading this, but, right away, in her introduction i understand more about why she said

"it's in the structure of the spelled words of that period."

she also said:

"I usually have some introduction which may be some form of cowardice"


"on the page your ear is your eye"

i want to put some of what i think on this blog, but mostly for these discussions, i will post on the private version.

i feel so many years passed my education that i don't recall the basic tenets of most critical thought. maybe i should correct that and say... i don't know that i can recall them in a way that makes me feel comfortable [ie, CORRECTLY! lol]

again i find myself meditating on space and articulation. how utterance -- the acoustics of utterance -- can impact // impress // form matter.

i may have to research religion on this...

i mean more the sound carving out, building space than space building / sounding out....


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