Sunday, April 26, 2009

back into the swing.

biked 25.6 miles today. 93 degrees. burned roughly 1500 calories. consumed... much less than that, so far, but, i feel fine.

lotsa water.

it has been poetry weekend in Durham.

friday night : rachel blau duplessis read [super cool reading, just her, about an hour from drafts... very fine... very fun... very smart]

saturday night: tanya olson and fred moten read in the minor american series [o, such genius!]

and today, which i had to skip because i thought i could a} work after riding 25.6 miles in 93 degrees and b} i could not work and had to sleep through the readings of both Buck Downs and Bryan Koen.

sadly. for me.

i love the heat.

i love to be home.

i love to be away, too.

what else...


and mass.

and force.

and lotsa writing, actually.

but, the novel to waste [basket] [okay, not really, but, serious-pause buttoned due to emotional heartbreaks involved-- it takes a lot out of me... writing this novel. sometimes it just has to go away.]

poetry is happening, though.


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