Thursday, April 16, 2009

now accepting proposals! NEO-BENSHI comes to the Triangle!

we’re bringing it to the Triangle….

announcing a new series in Durham :

Neo-Benshi Night

Hosted & Curated by kathryn l. pringle & Brian Howe

Place: Pinhook

dear friends,

brian and I are now accepting proposals for 7-15 minute [no more than 15 minutes!] neo-benshi performances. for those of you unfamiliar with neo-benshi, here is the wikipedia entry:

Neo-Benshi is the practice of producing live alternate voice-overs for movies.

The art form’s acknowledged starting point is in Korea, Japan, Taiwan and other East Asian nations during the silent film era. Benshi is a Japanese word referring to the oral "interpreter" who performed a live narrative accompaniment to silent movies, in lieu of showing intertitles with dialogue, etc. In Korean the practice is known as pyônsa. Currently, it is finding a resurgence among experimental poets in the San Francisco Bay area and Los Angeles.

you can find some examples here:

you can be artsy, you can be funny, you can be solo, you can collaborate

but, mostly, we encourage you to TRY!

we are hoping to make this happen at least 4 times a year, maybe more, maybe less, depending on participation and interest. please forward far and wide!

we will select 4-6 [depending on time constraints] per night.

there’s a lot on the web when you google Neo-Benshi…. make it yr own!

we are slated to perform June 10th at the Pinhook!

please submit yr proposals by April 30th, 2009 to

proposals need not be super elaborate at this point! we just want to know about yr idea and how you expect it to unfold!

i'm in NY until Monday, so, if we don't get back to yr questions right away, have no fear, we will!

thanks and see you soon!

kate & brian

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