Friday, September 18, 2009

today is Rumble's show.

i'm going to try and get him to answer one more question. maybe two. before it opens.
here's the info, from Ken's announcement:

I'm very excited to announce and invite you all to my first ever art installation TODAY, Friday, September 18, from 7:30 to 10 pm at 715 Washington St. in Durham, a part of Durham's monthly 3rd Friday Art Walk.

"Cliffs (Empty)" is an interactive site- and time-specific work that involves the altered environment of the 715 Washington studio space and musical and non-musical performance.

The piece will be open and in existence for two and a half hours though my expectation and intention is that people will drop in and out throughout the duration of the piece, spending perhaps 15 to 30 or so minutes with the work.

Big thanks to my collaborators on this project: Megan Stein, Chris Vitiello, Jen Walker, Molly Renda, Abby Pearce, kathryn l. pringle, Stefanie Conrad, and many others.

I hope you all can make it! Spread the word and bring some friends!

Sound & still & moving image recording permitted.

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