Tuesday, September 6, 2011

all together


The trouble with Ac was border relations.
Citizens were consumed (some might say subsumed) by geometry.

Ac refused the plane.

By which is meant: The field of their neighboring countries did not necessarily exist, but may be allowed to function—for a time.

The unacknowledgment of neighboring spaces based on one dimensionality appeared to be a sound argument. The acoustics of it may be right, but the translation of it rendered impossible - only Acitizens spoke the language of acoustical geometry and nobody along their borders comprehended.
Some compositions did escape (or transcend) but only in that most citizens had ears and could hear (usually only what they wished to hear). The fervor and the spirit of the thing remained a feature of the interior landscape. A scripted vocabulary of otherness was forcibly impressed into the left brain cavity's half shell of each Acitizen at birth, allowing for the continuation of Ac's congress dum aevitas desinit.

The founding persons of Ac knew that the naming of any space in a planar society was the ultimate colonization--vocabulary as conqueror--and the ministry of naming--with all the glory and pomp and circumstance that officials and ceremonies demand -- employed more than half the population of Ac.
It must be here made clear that this is explicit encore.

One note (which traveled by troupe of dancers out of Ac) became known as the manuscript. The manuscript was smuggled here and there. A man of violent projection and slanted opinion had manufactured the note and entitled it faux mathematica, but as it traveled it accumulated emendations to its title such as:

a public
consensual void
the sacred and the profane
criteria for interpreting experience

the dutiful lectures
refined nouns reserving all significance
on the issue of flags
methods as composition

Ultimately, however, the note became widely known in Ac's bordering countries as:
roulette and traits of connection.
Of course, within the borders of Ac, the title faux mathematica is still held dear and used in all proper circles, and no one would dare speak the title used in bordering countries unless they wanted their reputation and property demolished in entirety upon pronunciation of the third t.
Though it was written centuries ago and passed through the minds of many translators from many different times and places within Ac borders, most scholars agreed that faux mathematica was a work of genius and so it was required reading material for all high school students. (In fact, the second largest employer in Ac was the Ministry of Social Space and Translation. This department of Ac's government was also headquarters for its army.) Very few students ever saw the original text of faux mathematica as it was kept under lock and key and vault and armed guard at all times. Some original translations could be found if one had extreme patience and tenacity, but most official translations were burned as soon as a new official translation was composed. It was in this way that history was recorded in Ac and, though Acitizens were excellent architects and mathematicians, their cultural memories were short term making them especially treacherous to neighboring countries.

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