Tuesday, May 8, 2012

hashimoto's disease

so, i was on 88 mcg of tirosint for about 2 weeks and just couldn't stop my heart from beating so fast...
so i took myself off for 1 day and then did 2 days at 75 mcg [had some left over] and these three days have been optimal. however, i'm out of 75 mcg. so now i will go back to 88 mcg and see what happens. if my heart starts racing again i'll just have to get the doc to prescribe 75 mcg and go from there.

anyway. my energy is good, my heart is not racing, and i'm happy. it will be really obvious if 88 mcg doesn't work. [i kinda think it doesn't work for me already but i want to rule out other things first].

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