Saturday, May 12, 2012

hashimoto's disease

today is

better than yesterday?

yesterday i was feeling sick, like i was getting a cold. i couldn't work. i could barely get down the street to run an important errand. today i feel pretty good - biked 11 + miles and did 290 crunches - but heart palps have started.


i did 50mcg one night, then 80 mcg the next [had to wait for pharmacy to get 75 mcg in stock], and nothing last night.

perhaps this fluctuation creates unpredictable heart patterns?

i do know now that all those days where i had the 24-hour sick feeling were very like thyroid hormone issues and not my immune system [in the cold/flu sense of the word] at all...

i'm pretty sick of these heart palps. maybe something i ate for breakfast triggered them. i need to learn more about hashi's and heart palps. i'd like to avoid beta blockers because it seem very odd to want to ignore yr own heartbeat.


if anybody out there can explain in serious and ridiculous depth what the relationship between hashi's and heart palps... and what goes on in the heart... is and does...please feel free.

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kathryn l. pringle said...

In regard to your question about heart disease, the relationship is more related to replacement therapy of the thyroid hormones than with Hashimoto's itself. As the gland starts to lose function, hypothyroidism can result. Hypothyroidism is treated by replacing the inappropriately low, or absent endogenous thyroid hormone with a synthetic equivalent taken daily by mouth (Synthroid or Levoxyl, for example). Should a patient be over-replaced, the high dose of hormones can result in palpitations, irregular heartbeat, and over time, a weakened heart. It can also result in osteoporosis. If the hormone is under-replaced, it can exacerbate heart failure, change cholesterol profiles to become more unfavorable and slow heart rates down. Naturally, if Hashimoto's resulting in hypothyroidism remains unreplaced completely, this can also occur.