Monday, August 20, 2012

hashimoto's disease: results

sorry poets and writers, this one is about the endocrine system...

i think last i wrote about my struggle with meds and hashimoto's i was on 88mcg of Tirosint and having terrible heart palps and minimal weight loss.

good news is: both those issues have been resolved.

what ended up working - and still works - is going back to 75mcg of Tirosint per day and the addition of 5mcg of Liothyronine (T3) per day. no heart palps and weight loss!

now, the weight loss isn't from nothing. i watch what i eat (NO GLUTEN and i really try to avoid Dairy Products because of the Iodine) and i exercise at least 5 days a week. before thyroid meds, tho... i couldn't exercise this much. it wore me down. my recovery time was ridiculously long. now i am totally okay exercising regularly. it is great.


here's what i think.

1. the obesity problem in the US, especially in women, is perhaps due to General Practitioners refusing to treat patients suffering from subclinical hypothyroidism. if yr TSH is OVER 2.5... you are sub hypo and i suggest trying with all yr might to get into an endocrinologist who can help you (took me three years and 40lbs to get help).

2. the thyroid runs EVERYTHING. if yr feeling old and exhausted and rickety and getting sick a lot AND have TSH over 2.5.... know that these two things are very possibly related.

of course, i'm not a doctor and you could have other things wrong. but if yr trying to honestly lose some pounds and doing everything you can... check that thyroid. and don't take "NORMAL" for an answer. get a NUMBER.


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