Monday, September 24, 2012

fault tree can now be ordered

you can order FAULT TREE NOW!

from SPD!

Poetry. FAULT TREE is a booklength poem divided into three connected effects stemming from one undesired state: time. This text poses time as a governing body overthrown by a simple mental repositioning—only "inescapable" because so few have tried to escape. Using interrupted narrative and a deceptively simple diction, the poem follows one character through his quest to wrangle time and prove his own sanity as well as time's true nature. Through his relating to time, questions of place, class, politics, and culture are cast as the inextricable results of time's manipulation.

"In kathryn l. pringle's FAULT TREE, the sina qua non of time is nested in the figure of the speaker. Some would call him a quixotic time traveler, diagnosed and medicated accordingly for a debilitating fixation on time and its 'lessness' in which all of us have to situate our persuasively finite states. Some would say the case for simultaneity is convincing—everything occurring at the same time everywhere, and for the infinite as well—no beginning, middle or end. The speaker 'recovers' but doesn't surrender. 'You wake up or you wake up // most people wake up.' The language is beautiful in its plainness coeval with branching analytical digressions of time out of mind. A compelling wackiness attaches to the voice, and as with any resistant, sensitive patient, all systems are at risk of becoming transparent: 'the government wanted us lit up / so we could light up / which is important when yr being taught to kill / or having to think about killing / having been raised not to / think or kill.' What if a perceptional swerve were empirically shown to be the last barrier to 'the company transition[ing] us to robots.' This is a wondrous, unnerving book."—C. D. Wright

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