Wednesday, December 19, 2012

new review snippets...

from Judith Goldman: "fault tree is a remarkable book for much more than its insight into such complexes of paranoiac (viz. real) projection and inversion. “Fault tree analysis” is the term for the method engineers use to examine high-level system failures and to calculate the probabilities of certain problems arising as certain subsystems and components within them break down. You make a tree diagram and trace the causal sequences through which failure occurs. (The cover of fault tree is overlaid with several copies of a plan of the book drawn as a fault tree diagram.) pringle considerably torques her metaphorical-conceptual vehicle by introducing ideas of nested temporalities and the like, such that the total collection of glitches inscribed by the fault tree all seem to be happening at once or slightly staggered, oscillating. The book initially figures forth this kind of chronic dysachrony by having a persona speak of the loss of a particularly cathected future, and then having this persona describe itself as already killed. pringle has a peculiarly visceral way of showing that we might technically be considered murdered versions of ourselves when futures of passionate attachment are decommissioned. "

from Sunnylyn Thibodeaux: "Every once in a while, oh and I do wish it were more often, you come across a book of poetry and read it through and through and you say, “That’s it? But I want more!” And then you realize that despite the number of pages you’ve burned through there is so much more. There’s an unfolding deep into the gut and head of impression and reflection that reveals itself slowly and then quickly and then slowly again. kathryn l. pringle’s fault tree is one of these books."


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