Wednesday, December 17, 2008


running felt so damn good. 
my muscles are so happy and my heart feels better.

i bought glucosamine, finally... it really works. really.

something else that made me happy today-- Jane's Addiction on the radio. 

Jane Says...

of course.

and then, on my way home from running, Motley Crue was on the radio. 

and i turned it up.


i got tired of my Hip-Hop... Lil' Wayne [aka the ani difranco of hip-hop] is good, but damn.... he needs to sit a few songs out so we can miss his ass.


when i was running today i was thinking: i need to stop reading the Charterhouse of Parma. i mean, i practically have, right? i loved the Red and the Black, but, this... maybe i'm not in the mood, but it seems to have 20 opening paragraphs so far and it is completely irritating me.

when i was running i was also thinking that i was thinking: i should read Sterne. or go back to Dreiser. i have An American Tragedy on my desk... just waiting. 

or shall i read poetry?

the only news i watch is on ESPN. for months now. is that odd? my tv, if on, is almost always on ESPN.

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