Sunday, December 21, 2008

i had a lovely Sunday.

decided to move the 5-mile run to tomorrow. stayed home. did Sunday things. and xtrained, of course.

had dinner with the Plunketts, Tosts, and Plunkett-Tosts.

Tony cooked this amazing chili over a sweet potato and spinach w/ collard greens and peppers and garlic.


and i even ate cherry pie with some vanilla ice cream!

yay for Sunday dinner!

i brought them these amazing Lilies.

and ate. and laughed. and talked marathon-talk.
like goo and gel and hammer snacks.

and Asics.

and races.

and flirted with a baby.

and came home.

and now... football? or, do i read the Gnostic Bible?

i've been wanting to find a Church.

it is true. i'm not kidding. i want to find an academic-philosophical-loving-Church.


yesterday i slept from 9pm to this morning, 9 am. i usually wake before 7:30 am. daily. racquetball is exhausting. i think i've mentioned this.

i'm starting a Lucipo racquetball revolution.

all the poets are gettin' sweaty and hitting balls.


Thelonius said...

The Catholic church is academic-philosophical loving, and has the longest intellectual tradition of any Christian church, though they do try to tell you what to think. Most practicing Catholics make up their own minds, however, and you can argue that it's the rank and file rather than the hierarchy who are the true church.

kathryn l. pringle said...

i'm such a Protestant. is the thing. i'm not sure i know you in the world... but... if i do... then you might know i spent the last 4 years attending Catholic church due to the relationship i was in. and, while i did enjoy it, for the most part, i was utterly baffled. i'm just... not Catholic. i guess.

know any good Protestant churches in Durham?

Thelonius said...

You could try St Joseph's Episcopal Church behind Wholefoods. Though that might still be too 'Catholic' for you. I don't know much about anything more Protestant than that.

kathryn l. pringle said...

yeah. perhaps.

i like Duke Chapel.
i heard there is a new and good Methodist church somewhere in Durham.