Saturday, December 20, 2008

jessica smith just sent me a text message stating that she wished i would twitter so she can know what i'm up to.




i think between my blog and my facebook status update.... 



between the work and the hurt... and the whiskey...


i don't drink. not really.

i think that was the only time i've been drunk this year.


well. maybe a few times with my best friend whilst in a hotel room in a different state or two.

this form of communication is so one-sided.

out-of-state drunkenness doesn't count.


Jessica Smith said...

blogs take effort. if you twitter, there is a constant stream of information about you coming to me. though, i guess i can be satisfied with text messages.

kathryn l. pringle said...

i have to say... i find it very sweet... you needing to know my every move. :)

i am at home. working on K-2nd grade math problems. with two dogs sleeping on my couch. and ESPN on TV.

i have eaten too much chocolate.

my knee hurts.

and i forgot my Twitter password. so. there you go.