Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i usually don't run and listen to my iPod anymore. most races ban the use of electronic devices, so i don't bother to train with one either. but, i do listen when i x-train... usually 7 miles of hills on the bike or elliptical trainer. this is what i have been listening to... but it is getting old. my last playlist had a lot of Talib Kweli and Kanye West... and then i felt like being a rocker again... but, now... i'm wanting some country. so. there you go.... i can't find country running/biking music.... maybe some old Lone Justice? suggestions people?

Ghosts                                       Ladytron
Let's Dance To Joy Division The Wombats
After Dark                               Le Tigre
This Island                               Le Tigre
I Like It, I Love It                  Lyrics Born (i call this : Hank's Rhyme, but i have to skip it lately... makes me sad. i miss my hank.)
Lovertits                                   Peaches
Lollipop                                   Lil Wayne
Miles Away (John Peel)         Yeah Yeah Yeahs 
toxic                                           yep, britney spears....
Danger! High Voltage             Electric Six

(it won't align pretty. sorry.)

today i worked at work 7-12:30, came home and let my dogs out to potty [M is in NY, reading tonight i believe!], went to the gym, and now i am finishing my work at home. will still be done by 5pm. and then what? if i have energy, i'm going to play racquetball with Ken Rumble. if i don't, i'm going to cook a big pot of something... freeze half... and read Stendahl. maybe finish writing my dear Mr. Riverbottum.

i'm runningthis 20K Feb 21st. and then this half-marathon on March 28th. there are a bunch of shorter races... i suppose that between now and then i will try and run a few 5Ks and 10Ks... but it becomes expensive. kind of like sending yr poetry mss out to contests.... you get a free something, but you never win....

actually, i find running the races far more satisfying then sending poetry mss off to contests. just so you know.

Factory School heretical texts editor Bill Marsh says he dropped my proofs in the mail yesterday.... so... once i look through them and don't find any issues [because BILL is a kick-ass editor]... it is off to print.

funny how a lot of poets can't afford to buy their own books. eh?


i only get ten free copies, and that isn't enough to give out. shouldn't we buy poetry?

you know. BUY IT?

okay. i should probably work now. you think? yes.

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