Wednesday, December 3, 2008

work. coffee. work. coffee. work. work. other people having coffee. work. jessica text. drive. jessica text. home. jessica text. change into running clothes. jessica text. stretch. stretch. jamie. stretch. run 4 miles. tie shoes once. jamie. stretch stretch strech doh! charley horse, damn! stretch.

talk. frozen sweat. talk. love. bleh. love. bleh. talk. what you doing tonight?

"i'm going to whole foods to get some bananas and a bottle of wine!"

jamie: wicked gleam.

kate: what?

jamie: well...

kate: o....

laugh laugh laugh chuckle chuckle laugh

right. i'm not that lonely.


well. it sounds like a good night.

i know a girl who did that once.

[i think it was a cucumber]

laugh. car. wallet. wf. wine. o, white. o, yeah, cold. o, damn, none of the good stuff cold. o well. bananas.

can i see yr id?


o, i ask everyone.



20 emails.

everyone. pinhook. friday. lesbians. hot. band. toast.

eat. banana.

shower. long. shower. another blister. wow. a big one. hmn. don't even feel them. shower. hot. hot. hot. massage charley horse. remember to take pills. remember to take pills.

dinner party. change. dinner party. rumble cooking. what? rumble cooking. i'm the only single person. hmn. i'm the only. o, wow. first dinner party as a single person. huh.

get out much, kate?


this week?


blog. email. blog. email.

lipstick? no lipstick? lipstick. no? yes?

who cares? who cares.



dinner party. right. dinner. party.

party. huh?

have to go.

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