Monday, January 5, 2009

today was the kind of day that just breaks yr heart. over. and over. and over.

plus, i'm sick.

maybe that was heartbreak number one. 

i'm lucky to be employed. several of my friends are no longer. as of today.

today sucks.

i wish that were the end of why this day sucked.

but, yeah. the heart is just an amazing organ. keeps getting hit, lately, but i'm still moving around.

i'm even somewhat optimistic.

i'm also a fool that believes in good things.

and people try to warn me not to believe in things.

i figure...

if someone wants to hurt me, that's going to be their deal in the end, not mine. i'm a good crier. i'm really good at pain.

i'm really bad at fevers, though.

and now... i better go to work, fever or no fever.

and i haven't been able to write or exercise because of this stupid fever

cranky. makes me cranky. and it hurts.

i wonder what tomorrow will bring.

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