Sunday, February 15, 2009

8 miles this morning. Felt pretty good.

i have to figure out my shin muscle issue... the first two miles, or uphill... hurts... and it is the muscle, on the outsides of my shins, not insides [which would mean shin splints...]

had to be a last-minute judge for a poetry contest.

my day feels.... like i've done enough?

have to find my transcripts.

fix myself a baked potato, spinach, and steak for dinner.

i ran 8 miles on pavement this morning.

next saturday is the 20k. [that's 12 miles.]

i think i'm going to lay down and read Infinite Jest some. maybe nap. [again.]

tomorrow is not a holiday for me. have to head into work.

am working on the novel and a poem, too. but. slowly. SLOWly.


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