Monday, February 23, 2009

i still have a cramp in my foot.

i'm going to the doctor in the morning to have it looked at.

this will be my first doctor visit in 2009.

not bad for a hypochondriac.

if the cramp would ease up then i'd say, hey... i'm all good...

but, nope... that cramp is hanging on.


so, let's talk about speed.

so, i've been running for one year now. a year ago is was hard for me to run 2 miles without stopping. Saturday i ran 12.4 without stopping. but, slower than i'd like.

part of this slowness [i averaged 12 minute miles for the whole race.... i am capable of 8 min miles for up to 6 miles...] is due to self-doubt. something always seems to get in the way of training... so i never really train on speed AND distance... i end up choosing a conservative pace because i want to cross the finish line.

if i have not hurt myself very badly [CRAMP]... i am going to aim for speed and distance this month.

my speed improved by 30 minutes between my race in November and my race Saturday. i'd like to run my next half-marathon in 2 hours. this is a realistic goal, i think. provided i am uninjured.

having never been an athletic type until this last year, i don't have lofty aspirations. i don't aim to win these races. just finish them. and improve.


eventually it would be great to get under two hours for the half.

but, for now... i'm aiming for 2.


poetry-wise it is "in the news" week for me.

you'll see.


what else?

i'm hungry.

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