Saturday, February 21, 2009

the race dlow:

1. my shoe DID come untied. once. at the beginning. probably my bad.

2. 12.4 miles of HILLS. never-ending HILLS. like, somehow it was always UPhill...

3. beautiful, beautiful day. really nice. met a few nice folks, too.

4. jamie and i stuck together.

5. got a foot cramp at the end... i also REALLY need to work on my left shin muscle... it is wimpy.

[i think that my left leg is weaker than my right... i can tell by my right foot seeming more beaten up than my left and my wimpy left shin... to the gym!]

6. i ate one of the powerbar liquidy things. think chocolate frosting mixed with mud.

7. shaved half an hour of my half-marathon time.

next race is March 28th, 13.1 miles!

i am eating reasonably today, too. no whole pizzas. oatmeal w. bananas post-race, cereal and a half a bagel two hours later, steak, sweet potato, and salad for dinner. lots of fluids. water and then water mixed with V8 berry 100% juice... and a little G.

i am sore. yes.

my foot still cramps.

i've been stretching a lot.

going to see Rachel BDP, Tony T, and... Elisa G? i think... tonight in Raleigh....


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