Sunday, April 5, 2009

hey there peoples!

i have been trying to get my training back in line since injury//discovery of my birth defective metatarsal misalignment... i had molds of my feet made and ordered my orthotics... so... that will take until mid-May to come back to me.

in the meantime i'm running no more than 4 miles, biking a lot... and weightlifting, stretching....

i have a terrible knot in my shoulder//neck.

i leave for Tulsa Tuesday.

i'm excited to meet the fine folks of Tulsa & Fayetteville. Oklahoma & Arkansas.

and i get home a week from today... and leave again the following Friday for NY.

then i'm actually home the next weekend... and the next weekend, off to Providence. Rhode Island.

the rest of May i'm all over North Carolina. all over.

i'm tired now.

i think i'm going to drink some beer and watch baseball//NCAAW basketball until i fall asleep.

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