Thursday, September 10, 2009

tuesday & wednesday

Jamie still had bronchitis Tuesday, and i didn't feel like running alone for an hour.

i should say that the program i've been following breaks the week up as follows:

M : easy run [those go by TIME, not MILES and get progressively longer throughout training. now it is ONE HOUR]

T: cross train [i bike and do crunches / push ups or take really long walks]

W: tempo run // hill charges [these are exhausting]

Th: cross train or rest

F: rest

S: long run

Sun: Rest

this program can be found in Marathoning for Mortals. it is the Run Marathon program. there is also a Run/Walk Marathon program. up until the 14 miler i was thinking all RUN for the marathon... but, after talking to a few others about their first Marathons and the mistakes they made... each one said that they should have included some walk time. so. i am going to test out some run/walk ratios on the next few long runs and see which one feels good.

most people have suggested run 6 / walk 1 [that's minutes, not miles].


Tuesday i didn't feel like running alone so i put a call out to the Poets and they showed up to run with me. Vitiello, Rumble, and Stein all met me at the track to run. each had their different time allowances and paces. but they were there for me and that felt really good. [they are also going to the marathon with me. i have really amazing people in my life. i'm very lucky.]

i like running alone a lot. i can get a lot of thinking or not-thinking done. sometimes running is even more relaxing than sleeping for me. my brain can completely shut off and i'm just moving matter in space. not more.

i'm not so good with constant people time. i think running and poetry suit me for this reason.

so, i ended up running for 70 minutes. around Duke's East Campus 1.5 times and the from there to Duke Chapel [on West Campus] back to East and then home. i think that ends up being somewhere between 6 and 7 miles, which felt like NOTHING after 14.

last night i went for an hourlong bike ride. it felt good. it felt really good. after a long day at work? it was amazing.

i was exhausted. i slept well. even though i've been too tired to communicate properly or understand anybody else's english.

today i need to decide if i am doing hill charges or a tempo run. Saturday is only 8 miles [only. you know... i've only been running since February 2008.... it wasn't so long ago running ONE mile felt like a major accomplishment.] i'm going to leave it up to Jamie. if he's back today.

the NFL begins tonight. i hope to be awake through the first half.

i think i'm maybe putting my dinosaur through some rough patches that dinosaurs really don't need.

i can be really hardcore about things.... maniacally hardcore.... i think my friends have noticed. i am demanding and taxing.

it is good in that i can do things like train for a marathon or write a long poem or stay in relationships... it also makes them difficult and rigorous and sometimes maybe it is good to take a little vacation and just watch movies.

which reminds me... i've noticed that since NFL preseason and Tennis started on the TV... i'm totally not watching my Netflix movies. maybe i only need Netflix from the end of Hockey season until the beginning of Football season?

they should have a program for that.

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