Tuesday, September 8, 2009

running now.


i took the summer off to figure out some things about blogging.

mostly, i just want to talk about running right now. so. i'm gonna do that.

Saturday i ran 14 miles. the last three miles were rough. i ended up starting an hour later than i intended, my training partner for the marathon [Jamie] was sick, so he could only do 4.5 miles... Guillermo met me at noon for what was supposed to be my last 4.5 miles of the 14, but, bc we started so late, it was my second lap.

i had expected it to be mid-80s but it was low-90s. the energy i had at the end of the first lap [4.5 miles] was gone by the time i started out with Guillermo. i think it was too long of a pause between Jamie figuring out he was really too sick [he has bronchitis!] and Guillo getting to the track. i got stiff.

so, i had to eat and hydrate more than i intended [late start means breakfast doesn't last as long means warmer weather means more fluids...] and when i dropped Guillo off before my third lap i was tired.

very tired.

i had to walk more than i wanted, again. and i began to get tight and sore .... by mile 13 i could feel the blisters, i thought maybe i had a small rock in my shoe because i could feel it poking into my foot... but i was afraid to take my shoes off and check. i wasn't sure i'd get them back on and i knew if i was bleeding i wouldn't finish all 14 miles... i'd want to baby myself. so i kept going. my stepmom called about my Dad during mile 12 and i walked and talked a bit with her.

my father has been in and out of the hospital. it has been hard.

my cell phone got all sweaty.

i texted my dinosaur friend just to have contact. and basically limped the last two miles.

on my walk home i stopped and got chocolate muscle milk [lactose free]. that stuff is the best after long runs.

i stretched. rested. walked Bear Dog. and hoped i would still be able to walk on Sunday.

and. i could. in fact. i could've run.

orthotics are good.


i'm a runner right now. i think about poetry. i even want to write it. i'm not so interested in talking about it here right now.

how was yr summer?

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