Thursday, April 28, 2011

Ac day 3 : roulette and traits of connection

It must be here made clear that this is explicit encore.

One note (which traveled by troupe of dancers out of Ac) became known as the manuscript. The manuscript was smuggled here and there. A man of violent projection and slanted opinion had manufactured the note and entitled it faux mathematica, but as it traveled it accumulated emendations to its title such as:

a public

consensual void

the sacred and the profane


criteria for interpreting experience

the dutiful lectures

refined nouns reserving all significance

on the issue of flags


methods as composition

Ultimately, however, the note became widely known in Ac's bordering countries as:
roulette and traits of connection.

Of course, within the borders of Ac, the title faux mathematica is still held dear and used in all proper circles, and no one would dare speak the title used in bordering countries unless they wanted their reputation and property demolished in entirety upon pronunciation of the third t.

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