Saturday, April 30, 2011

Ac day 4

Though it was written centuries ago and passed through the minds of many translators from many different times and places within Ac borders, most scholars agreed that faux mathematica was a work of genius and so it was required reading material for all high school students. (In fact, the second largest employer in Ac was the Ministry of Social Space and Translation. This department of Ac's government was also headquarters for its army.) Very few students ever saw the original text of faux mathematica as it was kept under lock and key and vault and armed guard at all times. Some original translations could be found if one had extreme patience and tenacity, but most official translations were burned as soon as a new official translation was composed. It was in this way that history was recorded in Ac and, though Acitizens were excellent architects and mathematicians, their cultural memories were short term making them especially treacherous to neighboring countries.

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