Friday, October 10, 2008

i did get sick.

so, okay. the apples didn't save me. the worst thing about being sick is using PTO.

at least, i have it to use. yes?

the worst thing about today is my right ear.

the worst thing about yesterday was my frontal lobe.

i'm very angry that we don't have universal healthCARE. someone very dear to me is working entirely too hard, all the time, in order to raise her kids and pay for medical expenses. it makes me sick. in fact, it is making her sick, though she's a very stubborn loner type... and she'd never admit it....

someone close to my sister is some kind of tech in the health industry and this tech actually stated that she didn't want universal healthCARE to be implemented because then her "salary might be decreased."

isn't that lovely? she'd rather people die than lose a little money. does she belong in the healthCARE INDUSTRY? is this what it comes down to?

why do we call it INDUSTRY?

my country is better than this.

people are better than this.

i have insurance. i thought i had decent insurance. but then... i had to have a mammogram. and the doctors wanted to investigate a lump further... so i had to have an ultrasound. on the same day. i was fine. i am fine. but. my insurance wouldn't cover EITHER procedures.


well. because they were PERFORMED on the SAME day, you see.

had i had the ultrasound the very next day, instead... they would have covered BOTH the mammogram and the ultrasound. but. NOT if performed on the SAME DAY!

evil. that is pure evil.

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